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“I Calanti” is a band composed by 6 young musicians, all belonging to the Colitti Family from Ugento (LECCE), who bring back nowadays a musical tradition, in which passion and love for popular and cultural traditions from Salento are the sources that allowed the blooming of this important an relevant band, who, in 2008, celebrated its 10th anniversary of activity.
The magic word that melts the whole Colitti dynasty and generations is “Pizzica”, this extraordinary music, presenting roots belonging even from the Ancient Greek culture, and that came up to us, to our countries, almost in its entireness of formal and substantial elements, as a symbol of a new born in the most general vision of the “Taranta”, where there’s a new awakening from an apparent death, due by the “Bite of the Taranta” (Taranta is a dialectical word, defining the spider “Tarantula”, and “Pizzica” is, in this vision, seen as the “Pinch” of the Spider. That’s why the typical Pizzica dancers are called “Pizzicati”… it obviously means that they have been “Pinched” by the spider).
I CALANTI have been able to keep faithful to the extra-cultural fashion contaminations which stand far from any modern Italian musical context, and that’s why they can been rightly announced to the audience as the “authentic heirs of the tradition”.

Although their young age and the 10 years of activity, the Band can count on very admirable results and achievement in its career, just like the digital distribution (through Internet downloading) on about 200 different international portals on the Web, and on mobile telephone networks; or, still, the sale of their CDs in several Countries, and overwhelmingly on the creation of a proper marketing business which led I CALANTI to bee noticed by thousands of private and insitutional operators and events organizers working all in the field of the pure live showbiz.
The relevance of their new record “W ci zumpa” (“Up who jumps”) is underlined by the participation at the press conference - which took place in Ugento the past 14th of July 2009 – of several first line exponents of the music business, Labels and entities (as PMI, SIAE, and the Ministry Delegation to the show business). In this occasion, it was a “cultural product” rather than a mere “record product” to be advertised and taken under strict consideration, which has been able to catch the interests of such important musical operators.

Daniele Colitti Mirko Colitti Cosimo Colitti Simone Colitti
Daniele Colitti
voice, tambourine and harmonica
Mirko Colitti
Voice, castanets
Cosimo Colitti
Simone Colitti
tambourine e accordion
Irene Colitti Alberto Carratta Pamela Spennato Martino Campioni
Irene Colitti
voice, castanets and tambourine
Alberto Carratta

Pamela Spennato
“Stricaturu”, tambourine, scene dancer

Martino Campioni
Cupa Cupa, tambourine, scene dancer
Fabrizio Ricchiello
Fabrizio Ricchiello
tambourine, scene dancer

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23/09/2017 - PALESTRINA (RM)
Piazza S. Maria degli Angeli - ore 21:30

14/10/2017 - FAGNETO MONFORTE (BN)
Raduno Internazionale di Mongolfiere - ore 20:30

Date del Tour 2017 in fase di definizione.
Info concerti 380.32 69 676

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